Wednesday, February 26, 2014


So the Oscars are coming up this Sunday evening.  Guess where I'll be?  I think I may have missed the Oscars a few times since I was like, ten.  My Mom never missed them if she could and I was taken away by the glamour of the dresses and the dashing gorgeousness of male celebs in tuxedos.  I remember when a flasher sped by behind Elizabeth Taylor.  I remember Marlon Brando sending a native American to accept his Oscar.  I remember Barbra Streisand's see through outfit and Bob Hope's hosting. I remember and will still miss Barbara Walter's interviews immediately after the Oscars.

Having said that, I am not always blown over by the Oscars any more but I just can't stay away...

This year, I saw Philomena, Gravity, Her, Blue Jasmine, August: Osage County and  12 Years a Slave this year.  I tried to watch American Hustle but couldn't...  Osage County was a difficult story to watch.  Philomena was great, Gravity and Her were very so so and 12 Years a Slave... wonderful!

I am rooting for Michael Fassbender for his supporting actor role in 12 Years a Slave.  Fassbender has been on my radar for a few years now and if you haven't seen him in anything yet, watch: Fish Tank, Hunger, Shame and A Dangerous Method. For a little romance, check out his Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre.

Granted he is tall and handsome, but his talent is huge.  He is a versatile actor. Whether his is subtle, convincing, sexy, or not, troubled, mercurial, joyous, angry, sad, torn, he transmits it easily on the screen.  He has been compared to Marlon Brando and I second that opinion.

He has taken many risks, not wanting to be pigeon-holed so you can see him in the X-Men and Prometheus and Angel and he did a very good German soldier in Inglorious Basterds.

Last year, he wasn't even nominated for Shame.  That was a shame.  Fassbender does some of his best work with director Steve McQueen and if you haven't seen Hunger or Shame or 12 Years a Slave, then give one of them a try and see this powerful young actor twist your insides with his performance.

Aside from that, Meryl Streep and Cate Blanchett were convincingly crazy in Osage County and Blue Jasmine. 

And then, there will be the red carpet interviews and Ellen's punchy hosting and gorgeous men in designer tuxes and no doubt some pretty out-of-this-world gowns to gawp at.

I may even make an Oscar soirée out of the affair and serve wine and hors d'oeuvres.

Anyone up for it?


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I'll be Cate and you can kiss Fassenbender said...

I agree with you the Oscars are something I love to watch. This year I saw all the films nominated. I picked most of the winners. Dallas Buyer's Club was worth the two oscars given. I am a Jennifer Lawerence, Streep and Cate fan. When I saw Cate in Blue Jasmine I knew right then and there she was going to win
I was rooting for a different song, but oh well.