Wednesday, May 11, 2016

100 Days

I like checklists, I like roadmaps, I like signs and I like me a good countdown.

It's a hundred days till we fly to France for our annual stay in Cotignac. This year, 10.5 weeks of (mostly) bliss. Why is Cotignac blissful?  Because:

1. it's in France
2. it's in Provence
3. we live in an apartment built on the ruins of a 17th century olive oil mill
4. there is a stream that rushes by our balcony which is about 3 feet above ground
5. there is a fig tree right across the stream and I have picking rights
6. our beloved French and American friends
7. cheese
8. rosé
9. triplets (little trips, not like twins) in France
10. the brocante
11. parasol pines
12. the Mediterranean
13. our infinity pool by the town's river which has little cascades
14. walks are never boring
15. sleeping to the sound of rushing water
16. the markets
17. the outdoor beer/wine drinking and moules marinières
18. baguette
19. days at the beach in St-Tropez
20. impromptu talks and get-togethers
21. etc.

This had me thinking about how where I live right now is blissful (NOT in order of importance):

1. I just cleaned and painted our youngest son's room, it feels new again and my 'fixing up' mojo is back
2. our back deck
3. my big sunlit kitchen which is lovely to cook in
4. my books
5. large TV screen with Netflix and Apple TV for those long winter months
6. friendly, kind neighbours
7. all my craft stuff: yarn, fabric, sewing machine and serger, etc.
8. parking on my driveway and in my garage!
9. teaching position at the uni
10. work with student teachers
11. sister D. and her family
12. the kids
13. the endless fields (wheat, rapeseed, etc)
14. friends and community
15. quilting with Brenda
16. when I want/need something, I know where to get it and it's usually available
17. the joy of feeding my family
18. spring that is like summer
19. wide roads
20. big sky
21. etc.

Whether in Cotignac or Canada...

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