Friday, October 9, 2015


I was going to have a restful day because yesterday we were in Aix all morning and all afternoon at the market and in the shops.  Aix is a royal treat because it's a stunningly beautiful little city and because the weather was mild and sunny and because the shopping is so good.

I was going to putter around the house and do little jobs like vacuuming the cupboards and straightening out the contents of the entryway dresser.  As I was making this list of little things to do, the phone rang.  It was my friend Corey who was at a chateau and invited me to come over, help a little with tags and such and have a look around.

Despite the big day in Aix and the little sleep I got last night, I acquiesced, knowing that it was going to be magnificent.

And it was... Although the ruined chateau was heartbreaking, it provided a splendid backdrop for rummaging through antiques, lunch in the back yard by the reflective pool and general goofing around, oohing and aahing about this, that and the other 18th century or 19th century thing.

I came home after five hours that flew by like five minutes with my treasures: antique wallpaper and matching trim to make a panel for the downstairs loo, baskets for the top of the kitchen cupboards, a grain sack, a pretty cushion made with red and white ticking and a partial plaster cast of a woman's face.

I marvel at what exceptional experiences life throws my way and feel humbled by my good fortune.



stadtgarten said...

This sounds like a perfect day, although it is sad to see a beautiful french chateau in ruins.
Bon weekend, Monika

Wanna be Chatelaine said...

Thank you!