Friday, July 24, 2015


Last year, I painted all of our house's exterior except for about 25% of the west wall.  I ran out of paint and of steam, I think.

The west wall is very high, as is the east wall, but I didn't have the sloping roof access that allowed me to get the east wall done.

With my injured knee (arthritis and torn meniscus) I was a little hesitant about climbing the scaffolding but I DID IT!  I've been lifting weights for the last couple of months and because my arms are strong, it was less difficult to get up there.

With the help of Damien and Vlad, we got it all done in about 4.5 hours.  Assembling the scaffolding and taking the scaffolding apart was a little time-consuming but well worth it. Vlad stayed on the ground (he gets his left hip replaced this winter) and Damien reached the really high parts with a paintbrush on a stick.

I did about 60% of the job and so pleased am I... That's another good job done before we leave for France.

xo Stella

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