Sunday, February 22, 2015

30 Years Ago Today

Vlad and I have been married thirty years today.  Here is what I love about him in no particular order:

1. His open mind
2. His refusal to be dictated to by anyone
3. His readiness to go and do
4. The ever-present smile on his face
5. His selflessness
6. His intellect
7. His sense of humour
8. His gratitude for life
9. His love of his children
10. His dedication to family
11. His dependability
12. His honor
13. How he gives of himself easily and freely
14. His blue eyes
15. His lovely legs
16. His wide shoulders
17. His beautiful hands
18. His pension
19. His integrity
20. His love of sunflower seeds
21. His pride in his children
22. His total acceptance of me and the boys
23. How he makes people feel welcomed and accepted
24. His groundedness
25. His love of partying
26. How easy he is to love
27. He does not complain
28. He loves France
29. He is a good friend
30. He is mine



stadtgarten said...

Bisous de Valensole, Monika

Lizette said...

What a lovely tribute to your "chum"!